Horticultural Society leaders hear about two county green initiatives

Assistant Dir­­ector Jane McDonald wel­comed landscape designer Don Prosser to the Ontario Horti­culture Association (OHA) District 7 president’s meeting held March 27 in Fergus.


Prosser is visiting many of the societies and encouraging them to give thought to two initi­atives of the County of Well­ington and solid waste services – trial gardens at six landfill sites and a backyard com­posting program.

The available land is fenced and ideally suited for societies eager to test varieties of heir­loom seeds, flowers, plants, and trees.

Since 1974, the county has been promoting back­yard composting as an effective way to divert organic matter from the landfill in order to prolong the longevity of the landfill site.

He hopes to create a three-day program to educate inter­ested people in the community. In­terest and commitment to the program will be valuable to the county, not to men­tion the environment.

He hopes the program will start by the fall.

Many assured Prosser they look forward to parti­cipating in both of the pro­grams.

Ways of increasing mem­bership to the soci­eties was discussed as well as committee job sharing, society exposure, meeting flexibility, co-sponsored bus trips, area home shows, and stronger pro­motion of the Ontario Horti­culture Association website, www.gardenontario.org.

The presidents will meet again in September to report on their findings.