Holiday surprise: Groves Hospital Foundation receives $500,000 donation

ABOYNE – Groves Hospital Foundation officials say they were thrilled to receive a donation of over $500,000 just in time for the holidays.

“As we celebrate our 20th anniversary as a foundation, donations like this gift from Alex and Deb Beath remind us why Groves is so important to our community,” states a Dec. 20 press release from the foundation announcing the donation. 

The Beaths are lifelong residents of the Wellington County area. 

Both born in Guelph and currently living in Groves’ catchment area, they have two children, Dineen and Jeffery, and two grandchildren, Brooklyn and Sydney. 

The Beaths owned and operated two businesses in Guelph: Jefdin Enterprises Ltd., an electrical mechanical service business named after their two children, and Artemis Technologies Inc., an oral rabies wildlife vaccine company. 

After recently selling Artemis, they wished to show their support to the community that had been home to their businesses and family for so many years. 

“Hopefully the new items we funded will attract new physicians to the area, as well as retain the current staff, and allow them to provide better care for all patients,” the Beaths stated in a press release.

“Groves is close to our heart because both of our granddaughters, the lights of our lives, were born there.”

The Beaths’ donation of over $500,000, which foundation officials call “transformational,” will purchase nine items on the 2022-23 capital list for Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH):

  • new Ultrasound and PACS (picture archiving and communication system) machines for the diagnostic imaging department;
  • two wall-mounted vital signs monitors;
  • cardiac ultrasound probes;
  • vital signs monitor (day surgery);
  • cardiac monitor (recovery);
  • bladder scanner; and
  • blanket warmer.

“We decided to give back to the local hospitals in the area that were there when we needed them,” stated Alex.

“We chose items off Groves Hospital Foundation’s ‘wish list’ that we thought were important to us. One example of this is the blanket warmer, which I thoroughly appreciated during a recent stay at Groves.”

Deb added, “Groves is a great, growing facility and it is well-located to serve the community. 

“We would like to acknowledge the excellent care supplied by Dr. Stickney, Dr. Enver, Dr. Incitti and the wonderful nursing staff there.”

Lori Arsenault, executive director of the hospital foundation, called the Beaths’ donation “incredible,” noting such gifts “truly make the work of Groves hospital possible.

“Without the generosity of our community, we would be unable to fund the vital tools our physicians and staff need to treat our patients,” said Arsenault.

“Donors like Deb and Alex have a tremendous positive impact on the future of health care at GMCH.”