Guelph-Wellington businesses can now sign up to join the circular economy

GUELPH – Businesses in Guelph and Wellington County can now sign up to join the circular economy.

A digital passport to help businesses develop circular business models, and methods to reduce emissions and increase sustainability is now available. Participating businesses will have access to one-on-one guidance on how to achieve their circular goals and can browse the various services offered throughout the Our Food Future ecosystem.

The digital passport will help businesses develop circular business models, technologies, products, or services that design waste out of our local economy, reduce emissions, and regenerate natural systems.

“Participating businesses will have exclusive access to the knowledge, services, and connections needed to achieve lasting change within our community,” states a May 25 press release from the County of Wellington economic development department.

Businesses joining the passport program will:

– join a diverse community of businesses committed to building a sustainable circular economy of the future;

– receive one-on-one guidance on how businesses can innovate to reduce waste and embed circular approaches into their business plan

– connect with local collaborators and/or business partners;

– participate in exclusive programs and services that will offer information about circular business models and supply chains to transform your their operations;

– use digital passport stamps to share their business’ circular achievements across your network;

– celebrate with the broader community what their business is doing to operate more sustainably; and

– be among the first to hear about calls for funding and demonstration projects from Our Food Future partners and other sustainable circular business organizations.

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