Guelph Humane Society shares that cat found in blue tote bin is now available for adoption

GUELPH – The Guelph Humane Society (GHS) is pleased to announce that the cat found in a plastic blue tote bin is now ready to find her loving home.

The black short hair cat, named Tina by GHS staff, was discovered abandoned at the intersection of Imperial and Westwood Roads in Guelph by a passing driver earlier this year.

The cat was found inside of the tote with the lid duct taped shut and the finder immediately brought the cat to GHS for care.

An owner for the cat was sought after, but no one came forward to claim the female cat, estimated to be eight years old.

Staff state Tina arrived into GHS’s care quite scared from her ordeal, but quickly warmed up to staff and volunteers, showing her affectionate, friendly side.

She has been in a foster home for the last 2 months, while being closely monitored by GHS staff and veterinary partners.

Tina was diagnosed with hyperthyroism, obesity, and asthma. Thankfully, her medical conditions can be controlled by a special diet and calm lifestyle.

“Tina’s diagnosis and on-going care was only possible thanks to our generous donors and foster volunteers who give pets like Tina, the second chance they so deserve,” says Samantha Westphal, Feline Care Manager for GHS.

“She is such a sweet cat, and we are so happy that she is ready to find her loving home!”

The ideal home for this affectionate cat will need to commit to keeping Tina on a special diet for the rest of her life and having her asthma monitored by a veterinarian.

Tina is seeking an indoor lifestyle, in a low stress home. If you’d like more information about Tina, call GHS at 519-824-3091 to speak to a Feline Care Team member.

Visit online at to learn more about Tina, and all her furry friends available for adoption at GHS.

GHS is proud to partner with The City of Guelph to provide animal control and pound services for the community. Tina’s rescue and on-going care is one example of how municipal animal services and the humane society work seamlessly together to ensure animals in Guelph receive all the care they need.