Giant puzzle project pulls people together

A local toy and game store, Jester’s Fun Factory, drew 369 participants to the store to help complete the largest mass produced jigsaw puzzle that is currently available in North America.

The project took place from Jan. 10 to May 24. It was completed in 10 portions which have been joined together and framed, with the final pieces ceremonially added on May 28.

The wildlife scene will be on display in store in an upright position from May 27 until June 12 to allow viewers an opportunity to have their photo taken with it. On June 13 it will be mounted onto the store’s ceiling. The unusual project drew participants from all over Ontario. The community project brought people of all ages together. The youngest puzzler was three years old who helped find flat border edges, and another puzzler was 90.

Participants were encouraged to bring in a non-perishable food donation for the Centre Wellington Food Bank. Three barrels of food were collected during the building process.

The puzzle contains 33,600 pieces, measures 157 cm x 570 cm (aproximately 5’ x 18’) and is manufactured by Educa Borras in Spain.

At the start of the puzzle build it was the world’s largest mass produced puzzle and today it can be referred to as the largest mass produced jigsaw puzzle available in North America.

Ravensburger Puzzles recently announced a larger puzzle that is currently available in Europe but not North America.