Free workshop on wood and biomass heating to run on April 4

The Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral project has announceda free two hour workshop on April 4 about wood and biomass heat­ing.

Wood is the most ancient source of heating. Wood and biomass products are also fuelling leading-edge energy technologies. Wood and bio­mass can be a renewable en­ergy source (for heating and cooking) for a home with very low emissions and be carbon neutral and economical.

The workshop will include:

– a brief history of wood-burning, and its remarkable evo­lution over the past 40 years;

– recent innovations and standards;

– how to get more out of wood-burning device(s);

– how modern appliances achieve tremendous efficiency;

– how others are using the technology and appliances;

– how available fuel types and their costs can benefit the homeowner; and

– how technology and fores­try are advancing into exciting new areas.

Workshop organizers are Charles Simon and Charles Frar­esso.

Simon, an award-win­ning architect specializing in green building is a leading member of the Going Carbon Neutral team.

Fraresso is an architectural technologist and Eden Mills resident with prac­tical experience in heating with a wood pellet furnace. Industry specialists will also be present.

This is the fourth in what is an ongoing series of informa­tion sessions designed to help citizens make informed deci­sions about making changes designed to reduce the pro­duction of green house gases, and to build a carbon neutral lifestyle.

The workshop runs 10am to noon at the Eden Mills com­munity hall. Admission is free.

For information contact Simon 519-853-9921.