Farm and safety representation

On Feb. 17, Minto approved  a request for a donation in the amount of $300 for the Wellington Farm and Safety Association.

It did however, hold off on sending a representative at that time. The topic came up at council exactly one month later, on March 17.

At that meeting, the first motion on the floor was to appoint a representative; however at that point no names had been offered.

Mayor David Anderson said he believed in previous conversations council agreed to support the group, but since no names had come forward, council would be more than willing to have any information sent directly to the town.

“It’s not that we’re too busy for it. It’s a good cause and if we can continue to be inform­ed, we can give them comment that way,” he said.

Deputy-Mayor Judy Dirk­sen suggested there was no time limit to the request, so if someone did express interest in the next six weeks, they could jump in and be welcome.

Dirksen wanted to find a way to keep the motion positive, since Minto is supportive of the organization.

Councillor Wayne Martin said the motion had nothing to do with council’s support of the group, since it referred only to appointing a member.

He suggested getting that particular motion off the table, and that a different motion could express continued support. Since no was was named, the resolution to appoint someone was defeated.

Council later passed a motion that it will consider appointing a representative in the future.