Family Day: Make the most of it

Ontario’s provincially legislated Family Day is just around the corner,  with Monday being a day off for most people.

We say most people, knowing that most small businesses will use it as a paperwork day. For us, we have an additional machine being installed in our mailroom that will cause us to pass on the festivities of the afternoon and go to work.

Others we know will also attend work, although schools and most government offices will be closed.

It would appear from early forecasts that it could be a snow day anyway, with 10cm of snow in the offing. Forecasters have not been very accurate lately, so we’ll wait and see if this latest prediction comes to pass. If it does snow, it will surely make for a merry day, as father, mother, brothers and sisters raise a mighty chorus in the driveway, shovelling and scraping the mid-winter bounty.

Many hands do make for light work. When complete, a round of hot chocolate and perhaps a fire will take the edge off from standing outdoors in the middle of February.

The infamous day-off snooze sounds good too. Once the little tasks around the house are complete, little is as satisfying as the after-lunch nap. Only a few minutes of relative quiet are needed for a deep slumber to set in.

Of course those solo activities are almost always interrupted prematurely, whether it happens to be the television, radio or active kids chasing about the house.

Maybe this year some time can be made to experience something new. Depending on the weather, it could be a great day to explore.

Maybe a day-trip, or even a hike of sorts to check out a nature trail or just a look around town.

It might just be on these little excursions that a little voice asks about life and wants to learn something from mom or dad.

Family Day will be what everyone chooses to make of it. Keep your options open and make the most of it.