EquiMania returns to All Breeds Emporium

EquiMania is returning to the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Emporium from March 19 to 21 in London.


Visitors there are invited to stop by  EquiMania’s education centre – an interactive youth program promoting horse health and safety, featuring Play Safe. It’s Horse Sense.

Equine Guelph, will present the University of Guelph’s speak­ers from 3 to 4pm in the Auditorium:

– March 19 (3 to 4pm), Gayle Ecker, Director, Equine Guelph, presenting  The Horse Health Check: An Important Tool for the Horse Owner.

– March 20 (3 to 4pm), Dr. Jeff Thomason, UofG biomedical sciences, anatomy professor and hoof researcher presenting Why Have a Hoof?  The talk will give a functional anatomical tour of the equine hoof with a special update of the research program studying interaction of the hoof and the ground-track.

– March 21 (3 to 4pm), Dr. Susan Raymond, Equine Guelph, presents Environ­men­tal Stewardship for Horse Owners, Reducing Your Car­bon Hoofprint.

Are you an environmentally friendly horse owner? The pre­s­entation will offer a plan to help "reduce your carbon hoofprint."