Driving to Success at the Ontario Young Farmers’ Forum

Young and future Ontario farmers are looking for new ide­as and advice in developing their businesses amidst chang­ing economics in an increas­ingly challenging industry are invited to the Ontario Young Farmers’ Forum (OYFF), where the theme is Driving to Success.

Hosted by the Junior Farm­ers’ Association of Ontario, the Ontario Federation of Agricul­ture , and the Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum, the one-and-a-half day forum in Toronto on Nov. 22 and 23 will focus on farm transition planning and commodity marketing for over 90 participants age 18 to 40 from across Ontario.

Following the theme, sever­al speakers and panelists will be giving their insights into suc­cessful farm transition planning, successful commod­ity marketing programs and successful, innovative farming practices.

Keynote speakers include Betty Hansen and Maurizio Agostino. Hansen (C.A, CFP) is the owner of Crossroads Plan­ning Group, which provid­es family business consulting services including succession, exit, and strategic business planning. Agostino is the head of the Farms.com Risk Man­age­ment division and is their Managing Commodity Strate­gist. Participants will also visit Yuk Yuk’s.

Statistics show that the average age of farmers in Can­ada is continuing to increase while more young people are choosing to leave the farm. The forum seeks to give those, who want to continue agriculture as a viable industry the opportu­nity to find the tools they need to be successful.

With fewer young people entering farming as a career or returning to an existing busi­ness, those who are interested in farming must be creative, dedicated and well educated in science, economics and busi­ness. The program also works to increase the opportunities for young farmers to network with each other and with those with more experience in their area to share ideas in order to improve the chances for success.

More information about the 2009 Ontario Young Farmers’ Forum is available from the Junior Farmers office at 519-780-5326, the local Federation of Agriculture, OFA member service representative or the website www.oyff.ca.