Deadline to resubmit microfit applications for full rate is Sept. 7

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture  is urg­ing farmers to make sure they re-submit their microfit solar applications in order to be eligible for the original price rate offer in the microfit solar en­ergy program.


Earlier this month, the On­tario Power Authority announ­ced it will maintain microfit rates for thousands of appli­cants. The OFA reminds mem­bers the Ontario Power Auth­ority (OPA) also set a deadline of Sept. 7 for farmers who had originally submitted applica­tions prior to July 2, at 12pm to re-submit their applications to be eligible for the 80.2 cent per kWh commitment.

Farmers can also contact their original supplier to en­quire if that has been com­pleted on their behalf.

“We worked hard with the Ontario Government to main­tain their commitment and we are pleased they’ve listened,” said OFA president Bette Jean Crews. “Farmers need to re­submit their applications for ground-mounted and roof-moun­ted solar panels now to take advantage of the initial program offer.”

On Aug. 13, the OPA and the Liberal government an­nounced it would reinstate the original microfit pay offer for ap­plications received prior to July 2. An overview of the chan­ges is posted to the mic­rofit website at microfit.­

There, Ontarians can learn more about the OPA’s microfit updates, including new appli­cation re­quirements, new program rules, a summary of changes and instructions to apply. Appli­ca­tions received after the dead­line will be eligible for the new rate of only 64.2 cents per kilowatt hour. 

The microfit program offers a beneficial way for rural Ontario to provide a stable source of renewable energy development for the province. Thousands of OFA members ap­plied to participate in the program as a way to be a part of the government’s plan to create renewable energy.

For more information on how the change affects Ontario farmers, call the local OFA member service representative or the OFA head office in Guelph at 519-821-8883.