Community foundation launches COVID-19 Community Response Fund

CENTRE WELLINGTON – The Centre Wellington Community Foundation (CWCF) has launched a COVID-19 Community Response Fund.

The fund is described by officials as “a rapid response fund, pooling community donations big and small.”

“Responding to the urgent need to keep the most vulnerable in our community safe and healthy, we established this fund to enable rapid response granting to support the work of our front-line organizations and charities,” said Randall Howard, CWCF chair.

The fund was created with $10,000 in contributions from CWCF and generous local donors.

Anyone wishing to support the CW Community Response Fund can make an immediate tax-deductible donation by going to the Community Foundation website.

“Even before we could officially announce the Fund, donations have already started coming in, which shows the type of caring community we live in” said Raymond Soucy, CWCF executive director.

Officials say the fund will be a resource allowing the community to search and find additional funding sources.

“We are also announcing the first grant from the fund of $1,500, which is supplying video conferencing software capabilities to affected local charitable organizations,” states a CWCF press release.

“The purchase was made possible with a generous subsidy from and is intended to help organizations continue to function during these times of social isolation and beyond.”

For more details, including how to donate and granting information, visit the CWCF website.