Campbell’s Soup to shift jobs to Kitchener

Campbell’s Soup may have left Listowel and 500 jobs there, but a part of the company’s operation will be staying in Kitchener.

The provincial government is helping Campbell’s Soup’s bak­ed noodle production re­main in the province, which will help to retain more than 255 jobs.

The province is providing $491,987 in funding towards The Newdle Project, which will help relocate the company’s baked noodle production line from its Listowel facility to Kitchener’s J.T. Bakeries Inc.

That project will help ensure the company’s unique noodle manufacturing process remains in Ontario, providing local suppliers with a continued market for their products.

The project will stabilize 200 current jobs at J.T. Baker­ies, 45 rural jobs within New Life Mills flour operation, and will create 12 new positions for the Campbell’s staff.

The funding is part of the Rural Economic Development Program (http://www.omaf.­, which invests in com­munity-based projects in three priority areas:

– improved access to health care services;

– revitalized communities and downtowns; and

– enhanced skills training.

“We are excited to welcome 12 new staff members from the Campbell’s Soup production facility in Listowel,” said Ray Franklin, president of J.T. Bak­er­ies Inc.

“By creating these 12 full-time positions and retain­ing our current 200 positions, we anticipate combined annual sales revenue of $10-million from our Campbell and private label product sales.”