Butter tart tourism program expands into northern Wellington

Visitors are invited to explore the simpler life in the rural areas of Minto, Southgate and Wellington North. Discover butter tart flavours and inspirations. Experience a showcase of local food, handcrafted items, producers and business related to the horse and buggy culture. Visitors may even chance upon the opportunity to have a buggy ride.

Butter Tarts and Buggies: Explore the Simpler Life, is a new tourism experience developed in partnership with the Town of Minto and Townships of Southgate and Wellington North.

The experience combines The Butter Tart Trail with the Mennonite Culture of the former Horse and Buggy Trail. This new offering promotes butter tart bakers, butter tart inspired items and related products including maple syrup. Explore Mennonite Cultural offerings, local food at the farm, restaurants, retail stores, local handcrafted items and the equine industry.

Visitors will enjoy the opportunity for an old fashioned Mennonite horse and buggy ride through a working Mennonite farm and along scenic back roads.

There are numerous farm experiences that include alpaca shearing, wagon rides and the opportunity to visit friendly critters. The tastes will amaze with dozens of varieties of butter tarts and inspired products like pies, sundaes, trifle and waffles. There are even special butter tart doggy treats locally made and sourced.

Butter Tarts and Buggies: Explore the Simpler Life new brochure will be available on May 28 in conjunction with the Taste Real Spring Wellington Rural Romp (www.tastereal.ca) – a self-guided tour of farms, markets and local food retailers.

More information can be found at www.buttertartsandbuggies.com.