Business group seeks personal stories to reduce government red tape

Red Tape Awareness Week runs between the Jan.11 and 15.

More than 10,500 Canadian Federation of Independent Business members took the time to inform the federation just how much of a burden gov­ernment red tape creates for them.

A shocking 73 per cent of members said that regulations cause significant stress; 62 per cent said that complying with regulations takes time away from friends and family.

That’s why CFIB launched its first ever Red Tape Awareness Week, to raise pub­lic awareness and get govern­ments across the country to take action.

Throughout Red Tape Awareness Week:

– CFIB is released the second edition of its ground­breaking report Prosperity Restricted by Red Tape;

– the new Red Tape Aware­ness Week website  has been launched to highlight red tape from a small business per­spective, including  a short, online video showing one busi­ness’s struggle with red tape;

– media are highlighting the burden red tape places on in­dependent businesses, includ­ing a  series in the National Post;

– several governments will be making announcements about red tape reduction ef­forts; and

– business owners and in­dividuals will be sharing stories about how red tape affects them

CFIB urges business operators to visit the website­redtape.html and share a personal story on the effects of government red tape on their business.