Builders have been busy in Mapleton in 2021

MAPLETON – Building activity in the township is up substantially from the previous year according to the latest report from the town’s chief building official.

A report from CBO Patty Wright presented during the June 30 council meeting notes 58 building permits for construction valued at more than $8.7 million were issued in May, up from 47 permits for just over $6 million in May of 2020.

Year to date the building department has issued 202 building permits for construction valued at nearly $33 million. To this point in 2020 only 124 permits had been issued for construction valued at $21.7 million.

‘Pretty busy’

Permit fees generated so far in 2021 total $257,835, compared to $203,979 in the first half of 2020.

“Year-to-date totals 202, that is up from 124 the previous year … You guys have been cooking, pretty busy,” commented Mayor Gregg Davidson.

“Good to see that we have all this happening in Mapleton.”

Agricultural construction has been the strongest sector so far in 2021, with 67 permits issued for construction valued at about $14.2 million. A total of 24 permits have been issued for single-family dwellings valued collectively at around $11.2 million.

Industrial building has generated just under $2 million worth of construction, from seven permits, to this point in 2021.

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