Before-school care approved by ministry for Mapleton schools

MAPLETON – The township has received Ministry of Education approval to operate a before-school program at Maryborough Public School and Drayton Heights Public School for the 2022-23 school year.

Council approved the addition of the before-school program and hiring of necessary staff on May 24.

The township’s recreation department has been operating an after-school program at Drayton Heights Public School since last September. In April, council approved expansion of the after-school program to Maryborough Public School.

At the time, recreation manager Amy Grose noted the township was awaiting permission to also add a before-school program.

“We understand the need to grow this program as families require care before school,” Grose noted in a report.

The report points out information received from the Upper Grand District School board indicated a need to offer a before-school program at both schools.

“This information aligned with requests from families needing care,” the report states.

The before-school program will operate from 7:30am until the beginning-of-day bell at the schools. Two designated, qualified staff will be assigned to operate the daily functions of the program, supported by the recreation manager. 

The program will be open for children from junior kindergarten through Grade 6. 

The report notes the program will run on a cost-neutral basis as families are required to pay monthly fees to cover the program costs. 

Grose said the township is planning to apply to extend its agreement for subsidies from the County of Wellington to assist families with program fees. 

The program’s operation is conditional on the fee subsidy agreement being approved by the county as it is required under an agreement between the township and the school board, the report notes.