Be kind to Mother Earth on Earth Day – and every day

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Another Earth Day, another lockdown. What’s a person to do?

While it’s not possible to gather together to plant trees or any of the usual activities at schools and public libraries, it’s still possible to think about Mother Nature and do something positive for the planet.

Centre Wellington Hydro is running a campaign to encourage its customers to transfer from paper to e-billing. From April 19 until May 31, the company will plant a tree for every customer who signs up to receive electronic bills through the customer connect account.

The “Plant not Print” campaign is conducted in partnership with Neighbourwoods.

“E-billing is a convenient way for customers to have 24/7 mobile access to their CWH electrical account, reduces the amount of paper used, and saves the energy it takes to print, handle, and deliver paper invoices to a home or business,” reads a post on CWH’s website.

Contact CWH at and staff will help you through the process.

The Grand River Agricultural Society is holding an Earth Day contest for youth and the winners will be announced on April 22 – Earth Day.

The contest is geared to elementary school students – primary Grade 1 to 3; junior Grade 4 to 6 and intermediate Grades 7 and 8.

There are three categories for individuals and one for classes:

1. Create an art project made from recycled materials. Photo or video of the student with their project is to be submitted.

2. Make a poster celebrating Earth Day. Photo or video or the student with their project is to be submitted.

3. Write a story about how your community can do its part to restore planet Earth. Stories to be a maximum two pages.

4. Class entry. Get your class to create a mural celebrating Earth Day. Video or photos of the mural and students are to be submitted.

There are cash prizes for the first three categories at each level: $25 for first place; $20 for second place and $15 for third place.

Two class entries will be selected, and will receive $100 per class.

The national organization Earth Day Canada is also encouraging everyone to act locally and safely during the pandemic, but to act!

“We each have our own way of taking care of the planet. This can be as simple as cooking an extra vegetarian meal a week and picking up one piece of trash a day, or as large as cleaning up riverbanks with your community,” organizers say.

“This year, for Earth Day, we invite you to share the habits you’ve adopted and/or the actions you want to take to care for the planet. By committing to the environment one step at a time, we are inspiring change on a larger scale on April 22 and every day of the year.”

Earth Day Canada is profiling animals who pick up after themselves through a series of videos on its website, There are lessons to be learned and examples to be emulated from these amazing animals.

There are also lists of other activities you can do to mark Earth Day – and every day.