Annual bucket sale benefits CrimeStoppers

Customers of Young’s Home Hardware here weren’t just saving money at this year’s bucket sale, they were helping solve crime as well.

The sale, an annual event at Young’s Home Hardware in Mount Forest, started when owner Marty Young decided to offer the buckets to customers for a minimum $3 donation to Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW).

By purchasing the buckets on Nov. 27 and 28, customers received a 25 per cent discount on any purchases that would fit in the bucket.

As a result, generous patrons donated $1,641.

“We were overwhelmed by the support, not just by Marty and his staff, but in the response from the customers,” said CSGW program coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter

“Many of them gave more than the $3 when they realized all our funds go to reducing and resolving crime. They are the reason this fundraiser was such a success.”

Young stated his willingness to support the program stems from learning during a recent CSGW presentation that the charitable organization fundraises continuously to pay out tipster rewards.

“I didn’t realize they didn’t get funding through the government for the rewards,” said Young, adding he immediately wanted to support the program.

“Fundraising is an ongoing challenge for us,” said Bowers-Peter. “We were absolutely thrilled to have a local business come forward and say they wanted to do something to help us.

“Marty is keen to reduce crime in Wellington North. It speaks volumes to his commitment to this community for his family, his staff, his business and his customers.”