4-H holds its first drama club meeting

At our first meeting, we learn­ed each other’s names and elected our club executive. It is: president, Morgan Mitchell; vice-president Tera Banden­berd; secretary Natasha Morri­son; and  News reporter Andrew Grose.

Then we set dates for the club. We are going to be learn­ing how to do plays. We are going to tour the backstage of the Drayton Festival Theatre.

We started by telling what "act" meant and what "scene" meant for theatre. An act is a section of the play – there is usually more than one act in a play. When there is a change of acts, there is usually a break. A scene is a part of an act.

As a group, we tried to make up a story that made sense – but did not. The story was funny and hilarious.

We talked about stuff that brings the community together like plunger plop in Alma, com­munity plays, Drayton Fair, and other community activities.

Then we practised the plays that we got from our 4-H lead­ers. We are each assigned a part. We have to practise and learn the part so that we can put on a play at the end of our club. The plays are each 15 minutes long. We will put on three plays at our achievement night.

We talked about the props we have to bring for each play. Each person has to bring at least one thing to use in the play.

At the end of the meeting we had cupcakes for snack.

Our drama club leaders are Lynne Flewwelling and Cathy Dobben.

submitted by Andrew Grose