‘We’re in this together’: A message from our publisher

Last week, after a tsunami of ad cancellations, we made the difficult decision to reduce staffing.

We are currently operating with a skeleton crew – to ensure residents continue to receive the local news they need as events unfold.

Our office is closed to the public, though we do have access to phone calls and emails and are ready to respond. We fully intend to continue publishing, barring an order to close by the government or the inability to print the physical paper itself.

Our editor and remaining reporters, including our digital media editor, will make every effort to post stories immediately to our website and social media channels.

In order to eliminate costs we are rolling all of our print products into the Wellington Advertiser.

The North Wellington Community News has been suspended and we are keeping a close eye on our magazine and seasonal titles to ensure they will be of value considering so many shutdowns. Every nickel saved counts as we plunge into times that none of us even thought possible.

In the meantime, know that our work, as long as we are physically able, will be representative of the tenacious spirit that lives in the hearts and minds of residents here.

From the small business owner to the large plant manufacturer; from places of worship and cultural events displaying enviable talents to playgrounds and times spent in the company of friends – residents will get through this rough stretch.

And perhaps this test of our resolve amid a crisis will reset what we value as Canadians. Some stuff just isn’t that important. What is, however, is that we are in this together. All of us, as one.

– Dave Adsett