Wellington County: expansion at Green Legacy was up front in January

Despite con­cerns by councillor Lou Maier­on, county council approved a design concept and called for tenders for work at its Green Legacy project in Puslinch Twp.

Council was considering its planning committee minutes when Maieron asked about the construction of washrooms and a pavillion at the Green Legacy nursery.

He questioned the process that got the pavillion into the work there.

He cited a history of work at the site and when the issue came to committee in Novem­ber, there was no discussion of a pavillion.

Now, it is in the budget, and “We’re building a pavilion. I’m not neces­sarily opposed to a pavilion, but I’m opposed to not hearing about it,” he said. “The process of the committee should not be circumvented. I’m a little disheartened. I just want to know what’s going on.”

Planning committee chair­man Walter Trachsel explained that the pavilion was discussed and was part of a county grant application. He added, “It wasn’t until we got the money” from the grant that the pavilion was approved.

County planner Gary Cous­ins told Maieron, “We speci­fically identified that project. The washrooms were there as well.” Cousins said there was a reason for the work. The num­ber of students volunteering at the nursery has been increas­ing, and the pavilion is needed for a lunch area that will ac­commodate up to 40 students.

Councillor Jean Innes asked how much the work will cost.

Trachsel said the total cost is $130,000 and the county will pay about $40,000.

Warden Joanne Ross-Zuj told Maieron that all the in­formation was in the grant application – “all of those things were identified.”

Trachsel added, “It was dis­cussions specifically in Janu­ary.” The design by Ventin Architects was approved and staff were authorized to issue the tenders for construction to the contractors who had qualified for the work. They also authorized staff to begin the process of applying for the necessary permits and site plan approval.