Wellington Advertiser founder receives Gold Quill

Advertiser founder William “Bill” Adsett has been awarded a Gold Quill recognizing his 50 years in the Newspaper industry.

Adsett was presented with the prestigious award at the Wellington Advertiser’s 50th anniversary event at the Wellington County Museum and Archives on April 4.

A Gold Quill is given to those with 50 years of service to the Newspaper industry.

Adsett founded the Wellington Advertiser in 1968, working from the front seat of his car. Now, the paper has a circulation of over 40,000 in Wellington County.

Canadian News Media Association chair Bob Cox congratulated Adsett at the event via video.

“Things are a lot different today than they were in 1968, but one thing that isn’t different is the work done by community Newspapers,” he said.

“I know how important community Newspapers are in the lives of their readers; so does Bill and so does everyone at the Wellington Advertiser.”

Only 46 people have ever received a Gold Quill and Cox noted Adsett was very deserving of the award.

“At a time when people say Newspapers are dying, the Wellington Advertiser is thriving,” said Cox.  

“It’s thriving thanks to all of your hard work, and it’s proving every day and every week that community Newspapers are vital to the social and economic well-being of the communities they serve.”

Ontario Community Newspapers Association president Ray Stanton presented the award to Adsett.

“I’ve travelled around the province … we’ve gone to lots of events, but clearly nothing like this,” Stanton told the crowd. “It’s quite a paper you have here.”

Adsett’s family, including his son and current publisher Dave Adsett, was on hand to recognize the achievement.

“I’m very proud to see that honour bestowed on Dad and happy so many friends and supporters were there to share the moment,” he said.