Wellington 4-H Club ruffles their feathers

WELLINGTON – The Wellington 4-H Poultry Club its second meeting over Zoom on April 27.

We had Heather, a special guest leader, helping our leader June. We started the meeting with regular business of the “4-H pledge” and a recap of our press articles from last meeting.

This meeting we focused on learning about how to care for chickens and know when they are sick. We learned the importance of having a way to give a sick chicken its own “recovery” area to monitor food and water.

We also learned about different types of birds and what makes each of them different. There are a lot of them and our members are going to have a variety they’re raising.

Hen house – Alyssa Switzer of Fergus puts the finishing touches on her backyard chicken pen.
Submitted photo

We did a fun game of “What’s in your hen house?” Each member listed things that you would find.

We then talked about them to see who had the most unique items in their hen house.

The winner, Autumn, listed out a lot of things that you may not normally find but I am sure her chickens enjoy all of the comforts of home.

Looking forward to our next meeting as we continue to learn.

Julia Miller is the Wellington 4-H Club’s press reporter.

Julia Miller