Time to talk

Despite the efforts of community groups, government and social agencies in recent years to help society move past the stigma associated with suicide, any conversation on the topic is still a tough one to have. Losses of this nature leave loved ones in pain and struggling with questions – and friends confounded over how to offer solace.

While one such loss is too many, it seems that over the past year there have been an alarming number of suicides, particularly involving young people, in the north Wellington region.

An effort to bring the community together for a conversation about recent suicides in northern Wellington County is being coordinated by Minto Fire, the Town of Minto and the Norwell District Secondary School community.

Billed as a Community Conversation  on Suicide, the event, planned for June 14 at 6:30pm at Norwell, is being viewed by organizers as an information gathering session to “understand the needs and wants of the community.” The event grew out of a meeting – involving community partners such as the Canadian Mental Health Association, Homewood Health, Minto Fire, concerned parents and Minto Youth Action Council – on suicides impacting area youth and adults.

It’s a first step by a caring community toward finding ways to help those who need it most. It’s a tough conversation, but it’s important that we have it.