Techno Steel seeks extension

Techno Steel is looking for a bit of breathing room to develop its land in the Mount Forest industrial park.

Borz Fariborzi recently emailed Wellington North officials asking for an extension to develop its land.

In April 2008, Techno Steel held a ground breaking ceremony after its purchase of 9.5 acres of township-owned and serviced land on Industrial Drive.

The plan was to build a 10,800 square foot plant in 2008, manufacturing highly engineered steel structures.

At the time, Fariborzi em­phasized the initial plant was just the beginning, as the company eventually plans to em­ploy more than 100 people and build a 50,000 square foot plant.

Techno Steel is involved in world-wide operations and em­ploys about 6,000 people creating modular wall panels for large buildings. However, the world economy appears to have put a snag in its plans.

Fariborzi’s email request was for a one-year extension to develop the land.

At Monday’s meeting, May­or Mike Broomhead said the proponent has shared his circumstances.

“I’ll tell you that they are still very excited about the pro­spect of coming to Wellington North,” Broomhead said.

He added there is still a need for the material Techno Steel makes, it’s just the panels are used in high rise building.

“There’s nothing really holding the development up, other than the present state of the economy,” he said.

Broomhead told council he honestly believes the plant would be up and running if it was not for the economy. He noted the other project at the south end of Mount Forest, on what is referred to as the Murphy property, is proceeding.

“They are actively working with the planning de­partment and spending a ton of money on studies. Projects we have on the books are still moving ahead. That’s very encouraging,” he said.

Broomhead believes council should support Techno Steel’s extension request.

“I feel very confident in them. Once the economy levels out … away they’ll go.”

The land is paid for, but a condition of sale was the company building a 4,000 square foot facility within two years.

Council approved the ex­tension.