Take Back the Night to take place Sept. 26

GUELPH – Take Back the Night will take place Sept. 26 at 6pm at Marianne’s Park in Guelph. 

Take Back the Night marches and rallies happen every year internationally to raise awareness about violence against women. 

Women began marching in 1976 in Belgium to raise awareness about sexual violence and other forms of violence against women. 

Since then, TBTN has been part of a grassroots feminist movement to bring attention to violence against women. 

This year marks the 33rd anniversary since Guelph began participating in the march.  

TBTN raises awareness about the prevalence of sexual violence and other forms of violence against women, girls, trans, and femme-identified persons. 

A Justice Canada study examined the economic cost of violent crime and found that the largest single cost — $4.8 billion in one year – was attributed to sexual assault and other sexual offences.  

Related organizations can post copies of the flyer in office common areas, waiting space, group rooms, counselling rooms or washroom

To donate to TBTN (i.e. event refreshments; resources for event attendees, agency swag) or sponsor the event contact justine@gwwomenincrisis.org

Join the TBTN planning committee by contacting Jacinta at Jacinta@gwwomenincrisis.org to join.

Host an agency table at the event by contacting Jacinta at Jacinta@gwwomenincrisis.org.