Take a tour of local culture this weekend in Centre Wellington

Centre Wellington is gearing up for Culture Days 2014 this weekend.

Cultural Planning Coordinator Elizabeth Bender spoke to council on Sept. 22 about the upcoming event and asking that support of Culture Days be included as part of the township’s annual budget process.

Bender noted Culture Days is a pan-Canadian movement, it is not just in Centre Wellington.

This marks the third year the township has taken in this event which aims to foster an appreciation for cultural life by promoting direct interaction between creators and the public.

She illustrated the difference between the first and current event by showing off the cultural pasSports.

The first year was very simple and developed into a full range of event.

Bender said there are now 18 stops and over 50 cultural groups are involved.

“It’s pretty exciting and its an opportunity for the township to recognize culture and its contributions to our community.”

She said it is also an opportunity for local residents and visitors to the community to experience the local culture and to fall in love with the area.

“This an opportunity to go out this weekend and try something new.”

Whether a person has an hour or a day, Bender said people are being encouraged to get a passport and pick a couple of spots.

This year there is the opportunity to collect stamps (of places visited) and with four or more stamps participants are eligible to enter a draw for prizes contributed by local groups or organizations.

Bender said the kickoff is on Friday afternoon at the Fergus Grand Theatre with the Underground Festival sneak peek and ending with a cultural tea party on the Sunday afternoon.

“I’m thrilled with the number of cultural groups who have embraced this and are using it as an opportunity to show what they do and bring people through their doors to have an experience and recruit new members.”

Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj noted the weekend also marks the launch of this year’s Fergus-Elora Studio Tour.

Ross-Zuj said she’d had an opportunity to preview some of the artwork at the Elora Centre for the Arts.

“There are lots of things for people to do.”

Bender added that was one of the approaches the local venue wanted to take – not to create a new cultural event but to showcase what already exists.