Study finds Ontario farmers lead in cover crop adoption

GUELPH – Results from a 2020 Ontario Cover Crop Feedback Survey are in.

There were 520 respondents growing cover crops last year, 68 per cent of which saw improved soil health, 59% of which observed less soil erosion and 57% which reported increased soil organic matter according to a December press release.

Study findings revealed challenges in poor crop establishment, a late harvest and additional costs with cover crops.

“Although the expansion of cover crop adoption in the province is an indication of the benefits that some farms experience with this practice, barriers that hinder widespread cover crop adoption still exist,” the release states.

“We look forward to working with our farmer customers to transfer this knowledge and providing our advisory services in support of their farm management decisions…” stated crop advisor and Ontario Cover Crop Working Group member Ken Currah.

In total, 731 Ontario farmers responded to the survey.