Snapshot of agriculture in the Credit River watershed

MEADOWVALE – Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) has published a report examining how the agricultural landscape in the Credit River Watershed is changing using the most recent Census of Agriculture.

“Agricultural producers manage a significant portion of the rural Credit River Watershed,” said Mark Eastman, senior coordinator, agricultural outreach. 

“They are key stakeholders in the protection of environmental resources, such as water, air, soil and biodiversity.”

Farmland accounts for nearly a third of the land in the Credit River Watershed. While the area of active farmland is stable, there are fewer farmers managing it. Those that remain have expanded their operations, relying on rented land to do so.

This report allows CVC to adapt current stewardship programs and services to better meet the changing needs of farmers and the environment. It’s estimated that over half the farmland in the watershed is now owned by a non-farmer. 

Read the entire report at or contact us at 1-800-668-5557 ext. 430.