Second dam meeting set for Dec. 9

A public open house will be held here on Dec. 9 to provide information on alternative measures to improve the safety of Drimmie Dam on the Grand River in Elora.

The open house will be held in the Veteran’s Room at  Centre Wellington Township office from 4:30 to 8pm.

Representatives of the Grand River Conservation Authority and Sanchez Engineering Inc. will be on hand throughout the evening to discuss the alternatives.

The GRCA has launched an environmental assessment to look at the future of the dam, which is in poor condition and at risk of failure. Sanchez Engineering is managing the environmental assessment process.

As part of the environmental assessment, a Public Liaison Committee has been created with representatives of groups with an interest in the future of the dam including business, tourism, heritage, kayakers, anglers and the Township of Centre Wellington.

The Class EA study has examined a number of alternative remedial measures for improving the safety of the dam, including the options of doing nothing and of removing the dam. The various alternatives were presented to the public at the first public open house on Sept. 2.

Based on the input received during and after the open house, the Community Liaison Committee and the GRCA have evaluated various alternative remedial measures to determine the preferred solution for Drimmie Dam.

This public open house is the second to be held in the environmental assessment process. It will give members of the public the opportunity to review the selected alternatives and provide comment to the liaison committee members and Sanchez Engineering.

More information on the project is available on the GRCA website at