Residents evacuated near scene of major structure fire in Palmerston

PALMERSTON – Residents near the scene of a major structure fire in Palmerston are currently being evacuated due to heavy smoke in the area.

All three Minto stations – Palmerston, Harriston and Clifford – were paged at around 9am on Nov. 22 to a vacant building near the downtown.

The building is the site of a former creamery.

Photo by Mike Wilson


Listowel and Harriston aerial trucks are on scene, while other stations, including Drayton and Moorefield, also responded.

Minto Fire deputy chief Callise Loos reported “defensive operations are being performed.”

Loos also stated in a press release there were no occupants in the building and there are no injuries.

Photo by Mike Wilson


“Some houses in the area are starting to be evacuated due to the amount of smoke in the area, a warming centre is being setup at the Palmerston Arena for those affected,” Loos stated.

The building was used as a hardware store until 2005. Blessings to You was also briefly located in the building before the current owner took possession.

It has remained empty for a number of years.

A first responder at the fire stated police were called to the building on the weekend, but it is not known if the two incidents are related.

Photos by Mike Wilson