Recognition considered for employers of firefighters

A quick response to a life-threatening situation has prompted deputy mayor Ron Faulkner to call for recognition for employers of local volunteer firefighters.

Faulkner noted at the Aug. 11 meeting that while attending a function at Pike Lake Golf Centre recently he was advised by an employee there of an incident involving a person having a heart attack in an area of the resort.

The employee “quickly jumped in one of the vehicles to go and get the defibrillator. By the time he got back the fire department was there. It was like an eight-minute response time. The people were just ecstatic,” said Faulkner

“He thought the companies that employ our (firefighters) should receive some recognition for not only allowing these people to attend these calls, but attend them expeditiously, and we never get a bill for that,” he added.

At Faulkner’s suggestion, council agreed to approach Fire Chief Chris Harrow about the idea of coming up with some form of appreciation, “even a letter of recognition from the town for that sacrifice.”