Puslinch approves 3.4% tax increase

In a 4-1 recorded vote Puslinch council approved its 2015 operating and capital budget amounting to a 3.4% tax increase.

In presenting the budget Mayor Dennis Lever stated, “taking into account the County of Wellington’s 2015 approved budget and the current education tax rate, the blended tax impact for the median Puslinch residence of $588,000 is 3.97% or $229.38 annually.”

Lever stressed the figures are based on the current assessments and if the values had increased, the tax hike would increase accordingly. In addition, Lever noted the education levy rates had not yet been released by the province.

The township’s residential tax impact per $100,000 of assessment value is a township tax dollar increase of approximately $5.57 annually.

“Puslinch Council has passed a budget that continues to focus on our key priorities,” commented Lever.

2015 Budget Highlights

– Over $925,000 invested in roads and bridges to maintain a safe and efficient transportation network across the Township,

– Improvements to Gore Road and culverts, Morriston Subdivision, Leslie Road culvert, Calfass Road, Victoria Road, and Watson Road,

– Streetscaping Morriston project contribution (multi-year project),

– Contributions of $208,500 into capital working reserves for future projects and equipment,

– Puslinch Community Centre facility maintenance,

– Update and review of the township’s municipal servicing standards, and

– Creation of a community based strategic plan.

Councillor Ken Roth asked for a recorded vote and was the lone vote opposing the budget.