Peel Maryborough plans major expansion of Drayton office

Peel Maryborough Mutual Insurance Company has announced immediate plans to expand its current building on Wellington Street here.

The planned expansion is approximately the same square footage as the current building, thereby doubling the total office space.

After removing the front steps and accessibility ramp on the north side of the current building, the new structure will be added to the front of the existing building and stretch eastward along Wellington Street towards Andrews Drive.

President Ruth Donkersgoed commented, “This is an exciting time for the company and the community. As the size and complexity of the mutual company has steadily grown to meet the needs of the community over the last 128 years, so too has our demand for local staff to strengthen our position in the industry. Our maximum capacity has been met and we simply need more room.

“Fortunately we have a progressive, policyholder-elected board of directors that is keen to ensure Peel Maryborough Mutual not only remains healthy and sustainable, but that the company is conservatively managed yet still positioned to challenge the status quo into the future.

“We are also fortunate to have the lot space we need to remain a fixture in the Drayton community for years to come.  The building expansion is just the first among many exciting developments unfolding in 2015.”

The first phases of construction are already underway and earth movement will occur in the coming weeks.

Peel Maryborough Mutual Insurance Company provides insurance for farms, homes, automobiles and businesses through a network of independent insurance broker partners.