Participants set sail for Conestoga Sailing Club’s annual Warm Water Regatta

Setting sail – Racers prepare to round the starting buoy at the 2019 Conestoga Sailing Club Annual Warm Water Regatta held June 8 and 9 at Conestoga Lake. The regatta is a Canadian National Wayfarer Championship Race in which racers participate in multiple races both days and the scores are combined to determine the winner.  Wayfarer denotes the class of sailboat used for this race. The race couse is marked with buoys and markers that indicate turns and the start/finish lines. Approximately 50% of the participants are members of the  Conestoga Sailing Club, with the others travelling from as far as North Bay and Grand Rapids Michigan. The Conestoga Sailing Club is a not for profit organization, fully operated and maintained by volunteers. 



2019 Conestoga Sailing Club Annual Warm Water Regatta – Rounding the bouy.


The club, which originated in 1961, offers sailing schools, sailing camps, and use of the club owned boats to its members. A variety of different memberships are available. For more information about the club visit:  

Jennifer Goertzen