Outbreak declared over at Caressant Care Fergus

FERGUS – A COVID-19 outbreak at Caressant Care Fergus has been declared over.

The declaration was announced as part of a May 6 institutional outbreak update by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH).

The Fergus long-term care home was not included on the list for the first time since an outbreak was declared at the facility on April 14. One resident had tested positive at the home.

Also declared over as part of the May 6 update is an outbreak at Stone Lodge in Guelph, which also had one case in a resident.

Other Wellington County facilities currently with an outbreak are Royal Terrace Long-Term and Residential Care in Palmerston (one resident) and Strathcona Long-Term Care in Mount Forest (one staff).

An outbreak is defined as one or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 within a long-term care home, retirement home or hospital.

An outbreak is declared over 14 days after symptoms began in the most recent case and when no other cases are suspected.

The current COVID-19 outbreak list is as follows:

  • Norfolk Manor, Guelph, 22 residents and seven staff members, including seven deaths;
  • Village of Riverside Glen, Guelph, one staff;
  • Dufferin Oaks, Shelburne, four residents, six staff, two deaths;
  • Shelburne Residence, 55 residents, 24 staff, 15 deaths (14 resolved cases);
  • Royal Terrace, one resident; and
  • Strathcona, one staff.

As of May 6, there are 317 cases, 141 resolved cases and 27 deaths in the WDGPH region.

In Wellington County there are 51 cases, 32 resolved cases and two deaths.