Opening reception for Dark Into Light being held at Headwaters Gallery on Feb. 18

ALTON – Headwaters Arts second members’ show of 2023 is titled Dark Into Light and presents a stunning and visceral, visual commentary and experience of overcoming darkness as interpreted by 27 artists from across the Headwaters region and GTA.

The 40 selected pieces on exhibit include include works in a variety of mediums: oil, watercolour and acrylic paintings, soft pastels, textiles, fibre, encaustic/mixed media, oil & cold wax, alcohol ink/mixed media and paper/mixed media.

Participating member artists are: Agnes Bellegris, Alina Lloyd, Anita Pietras, Carol-Ann Michaelson, Carole Watson, Christine Schubert, Christine Thammavongsa, David Courtney, Deb Menken, Deborah Powell, Edward Clark, Emily Graetz, Haley Marfleet, Iris Ranieri, Jaime Nevitt, Jennifer Brighton, Julie Park, Karen Brown, Lorraine Roberts, Lynn Gilbank, Marnie Cooke, MaryLou Hurley, Nancy MacNabb, Pat Hertzberg, Sara Petroff, Suzanne Walsh and Vanessa Sica.

Agnes   Bellegris   is   an artist   who   cherishes   the interplay of light and dark and  the  colourful  spaces we  occupy.  Her  tools  are brushes, pallet knives and her fingers.

“With  every layer of colour, I bring to life a vibrant and energetic subject we might want to be in or with.  Be it a beloved pet, an idyllic scene or a vibrant bouquet,  my  goal is to impart  joy, serenity or perhaps nostalgia in the motive of ways,” Bellegris stated in a press release.

For Alton artist Jaime Nevitt, the theme for this  show  had a deep emotional connection for her  because of the  recent death  of her Mom.  Her work is about transitioning from the darkness of grief to the light of life.  

“It’s about survival and continuance, knowing there  is  light  and brightness following darkly weighted days,” Nevitt stated in the release.

 “The Dark of Night represents the blanket of darkness after the storm, when all is quiet. Peace ensues bringing with it the light.”

Meet the artists at the official opening reception to be held on Feb. 18 from 1-3pm at the Headwaters Gallery in the Alton Mill Arts Centre (1402 Queen Street West).