Ontario hiring more driver examiners to cut road test wait times

QUEEN’S PARK – When COVID-19 shut down DriveTest centres across the province, the resulting backlog meant long waits for anyone who needed a licence.

That’s about to change. The Ontario government is working with its service provider, DriveTest, to hire more than 130 new temporary driver examiners to help ease the backlog of passenger road tests, says Perth-Wellington MP Randy Pettapiece.

“For anyone waiting for a road test, this is good news,” said Pettapiece.

“Many people have called our office, and other constituency offices across the province, to express their frustration about the long wait times.

“I’m very pleased our government responded,” he added. “This matters especially to those of us in small towns and rural areas, where driving is very often essential.”

The additional temporary driver examiners are expected to start conducting tests in December.

The province expects that DriveTest will shorten test wait times and reduce an estimated backlog of 350,000 passenger road tests to pre-COVID-19 levels by March 2021.

“Our government recognizes that the closure of DriveTest centres due to COVID-19 has caused hardship and uncertainty for people trying to get their driver’s licences,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “That’s why we are working with DriveTest to hire more examiners to make more road tests available to ensure that people who need a road test can get one as quickly as possible.”

Masks required for customers

DriveTest continues to require customers to wear face coverings inside centres and during road tests; to sanitize their hands when they enter the building; and to submit to temperature checks and screening questions for those taking road tests.

Exceptions will be made for those taking motorcycle road tests and for people with a medical condition or a disability.

All DriveTest staff will wear appropriate personal protective equipment when serving customers and driver examiners will also be equipped with face shields/goggles, sanitizer packages and seat covers when conducting road tests.