Elora Centre for the Arts brings magazine article to life on the walls of the gallery

ELORA – Co-presented by the Elora Centre for the Arts and Art North Magazine (Scotland), Continuum is a physical manifestation of an upcoming feature on Sylvia Galbraith’s art practice, to be published in the Fall 2020 Special Edition of the magazine.

The release date of the magazine coincided with the exhibition opening last week.

“Comprising large-scale framed photographs as well as video, the overall collection is an examination of relationships with ‘place,’ our overlapping experiences, and our tendency to perpetually seek connections with the landscape, in time, and in memory,” officials said.

Primarily based on photographs created by Galbraith during residencies in Newfoundland, this exhibition follows lines of enquiry that, on the surface, may seem unconnected.

Initially there appear to be three narratives at play, yet connections quickly become apparent.

“Galbraith’s work responds to our relationship with the landscape – the physicality of the ground beneath us, the stability and constancy of rocks that are millions of years old, the reassurance of things remaining in place,” officials said.

“At the same time, we often yearn to be somewhere else; drawn towards a shifting, far-off horizon, we believe that we can change our current situation simply by changing our location.

“Yet in other ways, we draw those same distant landscapes back to ourselves – rather than moving towards that horizon, we pull the landscape inside, attempting to own it under our own terms.”

For more information visit ecfta.ca

Continuum will run in the gallery at the Elora Centre for the Arts until Dec. 20.