Natural gas recycling truck destroyed by fire

MOUNT FOREST – A natural gas recycling truck went up in flames in front of a home on Mount Forest’s Main Street North on July 10.

Wellington North Fire Services responded to a call at 7:49am regarding a vehicle fire at Highway 6 and Sligo Road – an intersection with a gas station, the Forest Plaza, and residential buildings.

Photos and videos posted on Facebook show a Waste Management truck fully engulfed in flames, with fire billowing metres above and beside the truck while rain pours steadily.

Footage from a security camera at the home closest to the fire shows the truck slowing to a halt as it approaches the intersection, a fire already glowing from the underside between the cab and trailer.

Deputy fire chief Callise Loos told the Advertiser the driver was out of the vehicle when firefighters arrived and there were no injuries.

The truck bed was empty, as the driver had just dumped its contents.

The cause of the fire is unknown.