Mayor asks for report on sidewalk issue

Mayor Lou Maieron is asking for another report outlining why sidewalks have yet to be built along Wellington Road 124 near the local Tim Hortons.
In the wake of a recent delegation to council concerned with the state of, or more specifically the lack of sidewalks, the mayor is asking public works superintendent Larry VanWyck to prepare a report.
Earlier this month James Kennedy of KLM Planning noted that since 2011, his client had contributed nearly $100,000 for sidewalks along Wellington Road 124 – sidewalks which never materialized.
He hoped the report would outline what the issues are to either alleviate, or at least work through, to move forward to build the sidewalk at some point.
Maieron contended there has been an impasse on this matter for a number of years.
Councillor Barb Tocher noted that Van Wyck had already prepared an extensive report outlining the issues.
Maieron said he just wanted to have something available for whoever comes in to the new councils at both the local and county levels.