Looking for some seedy photos – no, not that kind

ERIN – The Erin Seed Lending Library is holding a photo contest – to share some photography skills, some beauty, and especially to encourage people to save seeds from their plants.

The idea is to photograph seeds, although the plants and flowers they came from should be in the shot as well.

There are two categories but seed saving is the focus of both.

For category one, ‘Flowers and seeds you harvested’ you need to show a flower and the seeds harvested from that plant.  The picture file must include the flower name.

For category two ‘Fruits  or vegetables and the harvested seeds’ contestants can include up to three pictures of the flower, the food, and the seeds. For example, an apple blossom, an apple and the seeds.  Any fruit or vegetable works.  The file must have the food name.

Judging will be based on the accuracy of following the instructions, as well as the beauty of the photo and set up.

First place wins $50; second place wins $25; and third place wins $10. Prizes will be awarded for each category.

There is no requirement to have grown the plants yourself.  Produce can come from the grocery store.

Entrants agree to have their photos posted on the contest webpage and the Erin Seed Lending Library Facebook page.

Deadline is midnight on Oct. 10.

Visit https://erinseedlendinglibrary.weebly.com/seed-photo-contest.html for more information. E-mail questions and entries to jenedwardss@sympatico.ca.