Local dancers compete in Guelph competition

Lassies – Dancers from the Blue Bonnet Lassies School of Highland Dance participated in the Guelph WOHDA competition on Sept. 17.

In the first competition of the fall season, five dancers from the dance school competed. In the Beginner 8 years category, Scarlett Jackson placed sixth in Flora and Seann Truibhas.

In the Intermediate 14 years category, Eila Gillies placed first in Fling and Seann Truibhas, fourth in Flora, and fifth in Sword, earning herself the high aggregate trophy for having the most points in her group. In the Intermediate 15 years and over category, Avaline Booth placed third in Sword, fifth in Flora and Seann Truibhas, and sixth in Fling.

Competitors Avaline Booth and Eila Gilies.