Laurie Langdon launches book, He Is – I am

MAPLETON – Local resident Laurie Langdon has written a book he says will impact readers “spiritually, intellectually and pragmatically.

“It will help him or her encounter God in the midst of the ‘stuff’ of life,” he states in an introduction to his book, He Is – I Am: Living Out of My Identity in Christ.

Born and raised in rural Newfoundland, Langdon moved to Ontario and entered college, where he met Edith. They were married in 198, and have two daughters who are now married and raising “five incredible and brilliant individuals who call Edith and Laurie ‘Gramm’ and ‘Poppa.’”

Langdon has served God in ministry in southern Ontario all his married life. He is an avid student of God’s Word and loves to teach it. He is also one of the regular contributors to the weekly Reflections column in the North Wellington Community News.

Langdon says his book is different from others for several reasons.

“First, it is based on a life-long study and a tried-and-true life application of God’s Word, the single and most trustworthy and authoritative source of all truth,” he states.

“Second, I have had the privilege of serving God both in a full-time capacity and as a typical, day-in-and-day-out, nitty-gritty ‘common” citizen of the world.”

He continued, “Third, I serve a real God. He is within every reality of my life. He makes sense where I live. Whether the season is adverse or calm, God is in it – to be there, to influence my decisions, to transform the way I view each situation and to influence each outcome.

“Fourth, I am a real person. I am nothing apart from God’s grace, yet complete and free in it. Holy Spirit is current and relevant to each and every situation I may encounter.”

Langdon concluded, “Writing this book has been a transforming process for me and my prayer is that it will be for you as well as you read it.”

How to order

Copies of the book can be ordered online through or through Amazon.

Langdon will also deliver books locally or mail copies upon request. For information on mail or delivery options contact the author at:

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