Kiki Maple Water now available in Loblaw’s brand locations

ARTHUR – Troll Bridge Creek Inc., makers of KiKi Maple Water, recently announced an expansion into Loblaw’s Brand locations including Your Independent grocers, Valu-Mart and City Mart.

“This is an exciting time for local food and beverage producers and Loblaw’s knows that consumer’s tastes have turned towards supporting their neighbours by buying local,” said Troll Bridge Creek Inc. CEO Keith Harris in a Feb. 3 press release.

“We are proud to partner with Loblaw’s in their efforts to support local producers”

Harris says that the use of renewable and sustainable natural resources are a key driver for the creation of KiKi Maple Water.

“When I looked at the number of products in the marketplace which only take from the environment, and are not renewing, I wanted to do something about it” says Harris.

“What we all are witnessing is the depletion of Ontario’s ground water by international companies who are contributing to our overall challenge of global plastic pollution through their plastic bottle usage.

“I decided that I had to do something about this, to create a product which comes from sustainable inputs.”

Harris said maple water is truly a sustainable natural source for hydration and supplies electrolytes and other nutritionally important compounds.

It is packaged in glass, rather than plastic, to support the environment and for the quality of the beverage.

“We are very proud to provide to Ontario’s health and environmentally conscious consumer with our refreshing KiKi Maple Water, because it meets what they want,” he stated.

KiKi Maple Water is presented in five different flavours and 95% of ingredients are sourced locally.

KiKi Maple Water is focused both on the export and domestic markets, and the company have placed a significant emphasis on supplying Ontarian and Canadian markets.