Guelph Youth Music Centre donation-matching challenges reaches 80% of target

GUELPH – In less than a month, the Guelph Youth Music Centre’s (GYMC) has reached 80 per cent of its fundraising goal.

Now the push is on to raise the remaining $10,000 to get the centre out of a deficit position.

“We are so thankful for the community response and support during this hard time,” said Gabriella Currie-Ziegler, GYMC’s executive director.

“We have to keep the momentum going to reach our goal of $50,000!”

As a consequence of lockdowns and gathering restrictions, most programs held at the GYMC have been suspended, leading to an unmanageable reduction in rental income.

Though all reasonable efforts have been made to reduce expenses, the GYMC faces a $100,000 deficit and is in urgent need of support to continue its music, dance and arts programs.

Fortunately, a generous donor has pledged to match donations, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $50,000 to help close the gap and the GYMC hopes the community will help meet the goal.

The Matching Challenge is a rare opportunity to give each donation double the impact.

The GYMC is looking to the community to help keep the dream alive.

How to donate

Here’s how to donate:

-Mail a cheque payable to Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan Street, Guelph, ON  N1H 3Z7;

-Donate online at