Guelph-Eramosa to sell surplus land

Guelph- Eramosa Township is selling a municipally owned lot and the proceeds will go towards financing the Rockmosa Community Hall expansion.

A township evaluation of the land at 233 Christie Street (block 77 of registered plan 767) in Rockwood, located on the north east side, showed it had no recreational, esthetic, cultural or environmental value for the municipality, said Guelph-Eramosa director of parks and recreation Robin Milne at the July 28 special meeting of council.

After a survey was completed it was determined the driveway from 231 Christie Street encroached on block 77 and council directed Milne, at the June 13 meeting, to discuss a lot line adjustment with the property owner of 231 Christie Street.

“The reason for that was just the inability for him to really re-align his driveway without some infrastructure adjustments, the removal of a tree, replacement of a fire hydrant, etcetera,” Milne explained.

The owner of 231 Christie Street has reviewed the documentation surrounding the lot line adjustment and is purchasing the 61 metre squared land for $12,500.

Block 77 in its entirety was given a total value, which was then broken down into cost per square metre. Each of the two portions were assigned a value based on the square footage.     

The remaining portion of land at 233 Christie Street is 759.4 metres squared and will be a building lot valued at $155,000. The parcel will be sold by an agent and will be listed on the township’s website and through a sign on the property.

“The other thing that we’re doing is we’re recommending that the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listing be posted for 15 days prior to an offer being accepted,” Milne said. “It gives everybody a chance. It’s not the first one at the door with an offer.”

He said he anticipated bringing the offers before council at the Sept. 8 meeting.