Guelph-Eramosa restricts parking on Township Road 1

There is now a no-parking zone on Township Road 1 in Guelph-Eramosa Township for 100 metres north of the intersection with Wellington Road 124.

Council approved the recommendation of director of public works Harry Niemi at the June 1 meeting at Rockmosa Community Centre.

“Currently that section of road has no parking restrictions and in that location there’s a lot of vehicles that are parked, particularly on the weekend, right at the intersection,” Niemi said. “On some of the Google street view stuff historically the vehicles have been essentially almost touching the travel portion of 124 so vehicles turning in and out of that area, there is a safety concern of conflicts with vehicles usually on both sides of the road.”

Niemi said public works representatives reviewed the area throughout the week, spoke with concerned residents and received input from an off-duty OPP officer who voiced support for the public’s safety concerns.

The only financial implication to the township, he said, will be the cost of the signs and the labour to install them.

With almost no discussion council unanimously approved the parking restriction.