Group: Beware of COVID-19 scammers

TORONTO – The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is warning people to be on the lookout for scams associated with COVID-19.

“Fraudsters want to profit from consumers’ fears, uncertainties and misinformation,” reads the press release issued March 13.

For example, only hospitals and approved assessment centres can perform COVID-19 tests, so don’t be fooled if someone is selling a test kit online or door-to-door.

And if someone is selling health supplies online at inflated prices, be aware these products could be expired, of lower quality, or even dangerous to your health.

Fraudsters have been going door-to-door selling decontamination services. This is a fraud as well, officials say. And any claims of vaccinations or products that cure or prevent the disease are also fraud.

Accurate health information can be found at the Public Health Agency of Canada, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health and the World Health Organization.

Be aware of unsolicited medical advisory emails with links or attachments. Fraudsters may also present themselves as charities requesting donations.